Where it first began

I was walking to class during passing period with one of my friends when I first met Amy. I had seen and heard of her but had never officially met her, I just knew she was different. Amy did not look like the other girls in school, she was tall, broad, buzzed cut hair and dressed like one of the guys. Then I got to know her better, we became good friends.

The following school year came and it was senior year of high school. Amy and I were both in Student Body, we would share many laughs and conversations. I always found her attractive, but was unsure of the fact that she was different. Different was something I did not handle well, I was raised Christian and we viewed life a certain way and Amy did not fit that. I knew she was different, but I accepted her.

We grew closer as our senior year of high school continued, but the end of the year was approaching. All those glorious end of high school events, including prom. Prom was just right around the corner and I knew just who I wanted as my prom date, Amy. I had a boyfriend at the time, but he went to a different school. I did not see the harm in going with a girlfriend to prom. Prom had finally come and we did not go with one another, but hung out and we had an amazing time. Amy had won Prom King though, yes I said Prom KING!

And little did I know five years later he would make me his Queen…



Hello World!

This blog will be primarily to share my journey and experiences of being behind someone who is among the LGBT community. My goal is to connect with others who support someone who is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender.  This road has not been an easy one, but it has been very rewarding. I have seen so many support groups for those in the LGBT community and I want this to be a place for those behind them. Another goal is to show Transgender people that you are capable of loving and being loved. I am going to share my struggle and stories of falling deeply in love with a Transgender man.

Hope you will enjoy my journey!